lars to hgmbc god if u help me

dear god, god i know i made some bad desicion but in ur heart u can forgive me i do want to change just, god I forgive please.

god i know I am blessed but god i want a mom for me and my brother and sisters god i want mariah carey to be my mom god becuase she wants to have kids and she can support us and i also want to sing her to and god i want to look ashanti to god i know am asking for a lot but I god am tried of beging poor and beging ugly god.

i want the rushing to still be my family but iam tried of it god can u please help me god can u please i want to be famous i want to be a smart girl i want to sing mariah carey i want to look ashanti the singer god i can do something with my self god.

please help me and my family i think this decision would be better good god i want Mariah Carey to be my mother and I want to sing her and i want to look ashanti i want to be a model to god please forgive aim guilty but please help I am sorry for everything if u help i will donate a 1,000 dollars to hgmbc god if u help me