Letter to soft hearted God

If you can see my life is already miserable day by day. I lost and failed to fulfill my dreams and goals. Now I want to end all this. I want to end my life but I can’t. Thank you for making my life hell and miserable. U listen to others but not me. It’s been years of suffering but you can’t see my tears and pain. Those who selected even many of them didn’t work hard but I was disqualified.

I thought I could make my life better but I failed.

I lost money, status, my career is destroyed already. I have fake friends, evil relatives, mean cousins. Despite all the hardwork noone recognize it. Parents can’t even love me or comfort me properly. I don’t want to see tomorrow morning.. I don’t know how to pull myself together. My dreams are broken. And no matter how many letters I write you ignore them
Why can’t you change my life overnight.? Why good things can’t happen to me? Why I can’t be rich and wealthy? Why can’t I be successful? Why can’t I qualify exams? I am so broken that I no hope if u really exist bcoz u won’t end this and same things happen again and again..

I don’t know how to start all over.. I am done.. May be u hate seeing me happy.. I am living the life without love. Even after so many brutal heartbreaks I am paying for all the punishments but those pigs are living thier own best life.

I tried to do the right thing, i tried to help people in pain but see now noone cared even.
Even though I see 1111 and other signs, even though I have angels but still I see no miracles or happiness in my life. What kind of angel or God can see me crying ams breaking down for so long..? How could you be blind to my pain and tears? Don’t you have heart or u r the God only for mean people? I don’t know what to do? I am just done but still I have to face same morning same tomorrow…

I prayed for a person who could be my destiny helper, who could help me, love me, join my broken pieces again but still after so many heartbreaks i even tried to live alone.. If you are God for real then change my life to the greater good this overnight so that from tomorrow morning I can live me life what I happily dream of.. I am already on the verge of death and I am totally helpless and hopeless.. Please do something..

Prove that you are a God and you listen to me, care for me, love me and doing great happy things for me from now onwards… Hope u have a good heart.