my first big asking in a while

hi god, I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you in a while but my life has been really rough lately.

I have a very big to ask from you but I’m hoping you can make an exception today.

My life is a mess, I’m fat, nobody likes me, I suck at basketball and just end up embarrassing myself when i try to play, I am terrible at all sports, I have no friends.

it makes me so sad, giving me an urge to cry, seeing people happy with their lives all their friends a best friend maybe even two.

I just want to hug someone for a really long time and no talking.

I am always on the edge of crying I’m just a burden to my parents I am failing school my teachers hate me and my dads girlfriend who I strongly dislike does NOT make things any better and OH don’t get me started on her kids they are little b words (excuse the language sorry) sometimes I look at someone and i just wish i could be their friend and they would actually want to be my friend, but no nobody likes me.

when I am the only one around luis he will talk to me but when there is other people around he rarely talks to me and if he does it’s telling me something he has already told everyone else.

i honestly think I like him but I can’t help it i have mixed feelings about him I don’t know.

i dislike him but at the same time, i like him. p

lease help with that if you can not do my request.

sorry for the very long content but it goes along with my asking, once again I’m sorry for asking for so much.

anyways my large asking is for you to take me back.

I do not like iot here at all and I just want to leave.

I want to take my mom and my two cats with me and just be up there with you. no miserable school that RUINS my life no worries about having no friends since first grade hopefully everyone there is nice when i get there someday.

I really hope my handful of a request is not too much but please take me back I hate it here.

if that did not make sense I want you to make me die someone.

I have made death wishes for people one being myself so please just end my being miserable and take me back.