My love I did not lie

I write here for the last time. I want to trust life, to lead us to the best places.
I did not lie because I am a chronic liar or what is called the definition, I do not remember;).

I lied because I wanted to prevent our son’s marriage because I know what will happen after me.
But today I realized after a silence that it may be stupid and stupid to destroy something so strong because of the future and maybe it’s time to let go and let life flow.

I have no idea if you still love me and if you have a pinch of confidence in me.
Not asking for anything or actually asking if you can come back here.
I’m still continuing because my choices were bad.

I hurt the two men I loved because I know more than you but Tachles is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but the stupidest thing turns out that at the other end, it does not matter.
I Love you.

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