The name of Jesus. Amen. BAO

Am I wrong for expressing my feelings? Please forgive me for the last comment made in my Sept 5th e-mail.

Please, Lord, look after my baby sister and help her not to be afraid, help her to have faith in you, and enjoy the miracle of life you will bring to her on Monday (Dylan).

I also ask you to help my brother with his eyes, if there is some miracle to let him reverse the damage done to his eyes please lead him in that direction.

I ask you today to look after my friend Joy, to give him the wisdom and patients he needs to proceed with a business, you know better than us when the time is right, please, Lord, bring us together to work through this.

I ask you also, Lord, to keep my daughter in your care to always help me in guiding her the right way and to keep her from harm’s way, letting her know how much she is loved.

Last of all Lord, you know what I need, support to get through this obstacle in my life and income to provide for my daughter and myself, please Lord, help me to find a satisfying job with stability and income to raise my daughter.

These things I ask in the name of Jesus.