pleasing to you In Jesus name

Dear god I writing you a letter that is being placed on the wall and my heart.

I ask you to heal Shan in the name of Jesus touch her body soul heart and mind Lord i ask you to deliver me and my children and Lee in your name to restore us all, back to you.

To protect us from the hands of the enemy to put your angels about each one of us Lord I ask you to enlarge my our coast and that you keep us all from evil and that we will all do you will watch over my grandchildren bless each house whole with love and Lord please touch Meme’s heart let him not harden his heart give him understanding in you, let Jessica have a sve devler of her baby

Lord I want to fo your will touch my body and my mind bless my mother and my sister in Jesus’ name I pray of thing and ask that you grant my request according to the prayer that Jabez prayed in I Chronicles 4:10 you said that you know the thoughts that you have already thought for me Lord Bless me in Jesus name amen Please forgive me and family for anything that we have done that has not been pleasing to you In Jesus name

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