Professional ethics

Sometimes, my son – people give their all to another – simply because they believe in him and in his way.

The path of life leads us to change our behavior and the person that we support no longer meets our expectations.

So we hurt him at every opportunity and expect him to continue to remember that we once helped and supported him.

But the person who is hurt cannot bear the insult.

He decides to spread his wings…

and fly…to another place. But??? he can’t forget the person who helped him in the past.

Especially since he appreciates that person so much and follows his endeavors, in order to learn more from him…

but regret sometimes torments us. And even if we sometimes do everything to radiate control and balance – we are falling apart inside.

That doesn’t mean that we aren’t angry about the hurtful behavior, but the regret is greater than the anger…

Robin, do you remember????? Jordan, your friend