Are you there for Me…God??

Dear God,

Yes, I believe in you and your miracles. But those miracles and believeness I have seen only for others and not me. Yes, I have mistaken in a relationship. My Trust was broken, my love was untruthful and dishonest. I believed in him and he left me just for sake of false words. I suffered…Not him. Still suffering…!!

Well now when I am trying to move on and trying hard to start a new journey…Can you give me another chance to believe in you???

Can you give me the man again whom my family wants me to marry and I too ofcourse?? Can I get a second chance to win his heart..can you make his heart to accept me?? It was mere misunderstanding and I did not behave well when they came for a meeting!!

Well I have always accepted that it was my mistake everytime. But I never saw you beside me. Never saw your miracles for me?? Never saw you gave me any full filled wish???

Why??? What was my mistake?? My mistake was just that I believed, I trusted, I did all my work with full honesty??

This is the reason now I believe that you always work for the bad people. You give your blessings to all those bad people. You show your miracles to those bad people.

All I am asking to give me a second chance to believe in you and your miracle to give what atleast my family wish. Yes, I like Praveen and liked him from the very first time I saw him. Can you bring him to me?? Is it possible??

Are you Really there for Me???