i’ve me some reason to hold on.

Dear God, What on earth could bring someone to the depths of sanity that would let them believe that a letter written on the internet will reach the ears of God…

Desperation, despair, depression, sadness, loneliness, fear, anger, hatred…and that’s just for today.

I know you know I lost my job, and we are going to lose the car next, then the house; I need to know there is something out there, some reason for me to continue because right now, I don’t want to go on.

I am in constant pain, physically and emotionally, and I want to give up.

Help me, bless me, give me some reason to hold on.

I confess that I have sinned by telling lies, I have spoken badly of God and of the angels, and by desperation, I tried to

Well, once again, I decided to sin big time all of a sudden. I live a good Christian life and then get a desire.

I am writing here for the last time. I want to trust life to lead us to the best places. I did not lie because I

My Soul Only today I understand what you are going through. I apologize that I was so inconsiderate and unattractive. You tried to explain to me