Please help me…. N.S.H

Dear God.

I believed once before in your devine love.

I have suffered greatly and turned to you for help. I dreamt of you one night, as I was taken further away from you into the corruption of hell.

I felt lost, abandonded and hurt. You did not come for me when I called out to you, once again.

I still feel abanonded by you, I still feel hurt and alone. I have been told my whole life to just believe and you will grant me peace within.

I have believe and still I suffer so. Why do you leave me alone in my dispare? Am I not worthly of your love as well? With the chaos of the world weighing heavy on my shoulders, I have asked you to lift my burdens from me.

Should I remain alone in this lifetime? Shall I suffer for the rest of my life? God if you are there, if you are listening, if you exist then help me, help ease my pain.

Help ease my burden of heartache.

I am standing here on the outside looking in waiting, still waiting for you to notice me.

All I ask is that you to help me.

Guide me through the darkness, carry me when I am weak, give me stregnth when I have nothing left at all.

Ease my troubled mind and lift these dark thoughts from my memory.

I am suffering Lord, I suffer so.

Please help me…. N.S.H