thank you dear farther Amen.

God i ask that you let me jendaihi win the lottery jackpot in the powerball in tonights drawing 6/6/2012 i ask for this not to be rich but to have financial freedom not only for me but for my family i also want to help others and start my own business to be my own boss

i am not currently working as you now and i need an income soon to pay my bills i as for this type of income because i can not only have financial freedom but my children will have it as well

i also want to have and give birth to another one of your children soon another healthy baby girl and i need this now so please help me now i beg of you, you have blessed me with so much i ask that you bless me again with these lottery winnings tonight 6/6/2012 as the single jackpot winner thank you dear farther Amen.