Jesus please spare mercy on my soul

Jesus, Please forgive me and my sins.

I know you and my angels hear me at night when I do pray.

I feel everything is all coming down on me at once.

I have court tomorrow and I’m only 22 and I do not want to go to jail.

my mom keeps putting it in my head.

Jesus, please help me to get threw this hard time in my life.

Sometimes I double-guess myself

I have been lying and cheating myself at happiness!! Please help me.

I have been sinning,.

And I think you are mad at me,.

I am just really scared, and when things come together, they seem to fall apart!! Help me figure out who i am, and let me get into nursing school. please don’t let me lose my job.

if you received this Jesus send me signs!!!!!!!! I love you forever! Crystal A. W