Help Us Honor My Dad

06/28/23: I am 22 years old. My father, Manuel Mercado, passed away from stage 4 cancer on January 13, 2023. My brother, our parents’ only son & firstborn, was not by his side when he passed. 

My parents & I, since immigrating from Philippines to USA in 2009, haven’t reunited with him since.

The reason why is because of unexpected financial difficulties. Through the years my parents worked hard while I was in school.

But they still suffered under rent & debts, therefore they couldn’t save money for us to travel to Philippines even for a vacation, since they were busy paying for our livelihood in USA. My parents wanted to retire once I’m in college or graduated & return to Philippines & be with my brother.

But cancer struck my dad in 2017. The crippling debts got worse. He passed away before reuniting with my brother after 14 years. My mom & I wish to travel to Philippines, reunite with my brother, meet his wife & son in real life for the first time, & bury my dad’s urn properly as a family on his 1 year death anniversary.

In order to do that my mom & I need flight tickets to Philippines. It’s already June & we have no money saved up to be able to book a flight. My mom is in charge of paying the funeral services & our apartment rent. I want to lighten her burden by purchasing the flight tickets for us but I am currently unemployed.

In this request I am asking many favors. Please pray for my family to grieve my dad healthily. Although it’ll be bittersweet, please pray for my mom, my brother, & I to reunite. Please pray for my family & I to grow closer to God. Please pray for the finances of my family & I. Please pray for my family & I to complete our wish of honoring my dad by coming together as one family & burying his ashes in Philippines, our homeland.

Please pray that if it’s in God’s will, we may be able to bury his ashes on his 1 year anniversary: January 13, 2024. It’s a day my mom truly feels is honorable to bury his ashes on. Please pray for the mental health of my family especially my brother’s, John Manuel Mercado.

Please Bless the Mercado Family, now & forevermore. God Bless You. Thank You God.