First and foremost id like to thank the man himself!!

God, you do wonderful things every day!! You have blessed me with the chance to wake up every morning, with the food I eat, and the nights to sleep!! You make life possible!! I want to have in my prayers all those who are sick, dying, know of someone, those who are disabled, whether mentally or physically,

Those who are troubled, those who are fine!!! And for those I did not mention, god bless you all!!! Thank you lord for my family, my mother whom has done so much, and continues to do so!! I love you ma, u are my #1 woman!! God bless her!!! My grandma who has made it so far in life, and shows everyday it has been worth it, she is the woman of god!! God bless her!! The baby in my tummy!!! Lord thanks to you, ill get my baby boy, mommy loves you!! God bless him!! My four brothers, emilio, miguel, juan, and abel…

May you all be blessed with the gift of everyday life!! Lord help my older brothers to accept my mother, she is wonderful!! Help my juan through life, and give abel strength to move on and be a great young man!!!Bless them, lord!! Lord bless my eddy, through you we will one day be happy, us as three this time, mke our journey a long worth while one!! Help him on his test for the army!! Bless him lord!!! Lord bless my family from everywhere!! May their lives be full of wanting

To make it!! Dont let anyone give up!!! And last but not least lord bless me!! Lord show me how to be the right woman of yours, and help me to become independent to you!! You are my main man!! Lord god take care of your world, and the beautiful people you have created!!! I love you!!! God bless everyone, god bless america, and all the countries!!!