I don’t know why God hates me

God, I don’t know why you created me my life is still unsettled and I’m already 43 years old.

Better you just kill me instead of torturing me.

I’m jobless and full of debt there is no help from you.

I’m suffering from illness and you made my mom with heart and kidney stage 4 patient.

I have no money in my hand, I’m full of debt.

I have no good boyfriend who can support me or neither any good rich girlfriend who can support me.

My life is terrible.

I feel weak after recovering from covid. I’m broke and for next month I don’t have money to pay my house bills and rent.

Is my life full of question marks? Nothing good is happening to my life.

If this persists better I just commit suicide. I have no lottery luck just to pay my debts and proceed living nothing good is happening.

I have a last request god, pls give me the braveness to commit suicide.