urgently. Sincerely, Junito

I ask with all my heart, please keep me in your prayers unto God because my heart is hurting and heavy with sadness, despair, and a feeling of desolation.

Pray for me I humbly beg that God reaches into my life and reunites me and the woman that I love, Debra Ann, my girlfriend/fiancee, and that our relationship and love for each other is restored and strengthened and that she and I both draw closer to one another and that the fire in our hearts is re-ignited brightly were before we permitted worldly lures, temptations, and distractions to bring our eyes from off of loving each other and bringing our relationship fully to marriage and a relationship that bestows honor unto God and the blessing that we are to one another,

I ask that you pray for me, asking that if He will that God speaks to Debra Ann’s heart, that He whispers to her and lets her feel and know deep inside of herself, inside of her heart how much I truly love her, how much that I miss her all the way deep into the deepest recesses of my being and my soul,

how much I feel my heart is dying, how much pain there is, and how I hurt all of the color has drained from my life, and the fire-light of my heart is dimming out from the seconds, from the days, from the life that I have tried to live absent of Debra Ann and being with her and bringing us into being spouses to one another.

I need your prayers urgently.

Sincerely, Junito