I feel like I don’t care about my partner anymore. He forbade me a lot, but now he himself is breaking it. he does not exemplify what he forbids. he forbade me to be friends with men, but he made friends with many women and even touched. He blocked all my friends on Instagram, but he likes to be friends with my office friends and even follows their Instagram. what is it called if not a dog?

When we finished meeting, he still continued to gather with his friends. while I go home and be quiet.
he can still look for entertainment elsewhere, but me? I can just be quiet and spend time just with him. he doesn’t think about me but he only thinks about himself.

he said he would make the woman stop working. but what?

The woman actually got full THR and was even able to buy a new cellphone.

Which one did he say would make the woman stop? LIAR.

I never ask for anything from him anymore and even avoid giving it to me because I don’t want to be burdened and have to give the same thing to him.

I’ve also stopped asking for support. In fact, I even gave him regular money every month to pay for his boarding house. and save the money to pay the motorbike installments. but I don’t know what he’s going to use it for, I don’t know.

Even though I don’t have much money, I can still give to him and buy him food and what he needs. I still think about him amidst my shortcomings.

but I’m tired of this situation.

I’m tired of making calls like this.

I’m not thinking about breaking up. but I also don’t want to have any intentions anymore.

I don’t have any more wishes because I don’t want to have too big and too many expectations from strangers.

My family doesn’t think about me, so what should I expect from strangers?
the partner is a stranger who has only met us a few years. not the one who took care of us from childhood.
they just feel like they have rights just because they have a relationship status. even though they still have no right to anything.

I look for happiness and my world elsewhere.
where I am more considered to exist and appreciated in terms of my desires.

I want someone to accept me and be willing to spend time with me.

who do the same thing, what I forbid, that’s what I also do. what he forbade, that he also did.

not a couple who go their separate ways and meet when they need to lust and need to be accompanied until a certain hour after that they move on to another world.