How Do You Clear Anger, Disappointments, Regrets And Misses From The Past?

How do we also cleanse our own inner anger ego, guilt, remorse, and anger? A short guide to great cleanliness

Do not linger too long. Yes, leave the past behind and move on

How do you clear anger and nerves?

Anger and nerves are injustice and are usually an ego influenced by a “story” we have told ourselves or a sense that people should be like us or owe us.

Anger is a poison to the body, and at any moment, it is your choice how to react, get angry and let go.

The goal of anger management is to reduce the intensity of the reaction/intensity of emotions.

The first step to clearing anger is to remember to be angry right and pay attention to the tone of speech (power), words, and body language.

You can not eliminate or completely avoid angry situations or people, but you can learn to control your reactions.

And remember, no one is doing anything to us in this world and to our detriment. This is their way of dealing with the situation.

How do clear regrets and misses?

One of the biggest regrets in life is about what we did not do or say at that moment. That we missed, that we did not raise our hand to say what I have to say. That I did not ask others for something, that I missed the opportunity.

And then you know what we usually do? waiting!

Waiting for some magical moment where we will forgive ourselves for disappointing others and ourselves. Let’s release this anger as if it did not happen and meanwhile remain in the past – stuck in it.

So that’s not how it works. This is why it is so hard to forgive because time does not heal all wounds. And unfortunately, even that will not always pass in the end.

We all made a mistake somewhere along the way, we did something we regret, something we are not proud of, ashamed of ourselves, remorseful, disappointed, and angry with ourselves.

Or another has hit us, and we carry this anger and guilt much on our shoulders – a heavy and unnecessary weight that no longer serves us.

What has been done should not be returned or deleted, but it is time to take the reins and choose to forgive ourselves. – Because this is our life

Forgiveness is change. The goal of forgiveness is to cleanse, learn to contain, be less offended and be judgmental, become stronger and deal with separations and disappointments because forgiveness begins and ends in our inner discourse: understanding where we went wrong, repenting and correcting and improving behavior.

How do you clear disappointment?

Farewell to expectations irrelevant to our lives, like not everyone like me or others need to know what I think or want without saying… Do not make assumptions, say and match expectations.

And if we were already disappointed to clear the disappointment

  1. Ask yourself, is this really what we expect and want to happen?
  2. Accept reality and be aware of what happened. Understand that the ability to change is now in your hands
  3. Match expectations and say what you want. Do not wait for the other to do what you want.
  4. Accept the disappointment
  5. Discover forgiveness and self-compassion and understand if you have done everything it takes to be successful

How do you clear sadness?

Increase the sources of joy

Focus on positive experiences and emotions

We can help our brain plan itself to be happier when we focus on positive experiences and emotions. Once we invest our time and thought in positive things, it strengthens the connections in the brain and makes it easier for us to be happy. And when a sad, angry, or stressful thought comes up, decide when you will think about it again. Set a time later on the clock, and usually, until you reach that time, the intensity of thought and emotion will diminish, or you will forget about it.

Giving – We are happier when we help others.

Look at the other without judgment and also help without words. Because the reward for helping someone become capable of sustaining himself is the highest.

Sometimes a little reinforcement can bring back hope and faith in the qualities to change and improve our situation, and all that is needed is for one person to illuminate for us the way that was so dark. And giving is contagious, expands the heart, and creates great joy.

The recipe to release sadness and increase happiness and joy

We have always thought that a person’s level of happiness depends on the type of activity he does.

But, what scientists have discovered, in a study conducted at Harvard University and published in a journal considered science by psychologist Matthew Klinsworth and Professor Daniel Gilbert, is that a state of lack of presence in the present is what caused the unhappiness.