simple confession

I checked out this site, and I thought I would leave a confession.

Before I go and see my Priest, I want to confess these sins I have committed in the last week.

I am sorry to say I have not grown spiritually I should or have followed the Christian path that our Lord laid out.

I am a person although reads the Bible absolutely every day who has a real swearing problem, I have sworn a sailor nonstop since I was a young child and have never stopped.

I have been sexually impure twice in the last week in my thoughts and actions.

I stole some things I really needed – I hated to do it , I know it was wrong but I?ve been mostly jobless for the last 5 years and am in desperation mode.

I will try to make it up. I also was attacked for no reason this weekend and retaliated.

For my defense, tactics, and revenge.

I have normal, everyday minor sins that are in the thoughts, actions, and nonactions I do daily, and I don’t always say or do the kindest things, depending on my mood and patience.

May God bare with me and help me.