sings will come swiftly. Amen.

Dear GOD,

I am sorry.

Please forgive me for my doubting your perfect ways…. for trying to do it all on my own. I need you Lord, and my prayer is that you storm in now, and take over my life.

I have four precious children, Lord blesses them, and wrap your arms around them and comfort them in this time of struggle.

Lord, I left my husband this morning, and I am afraid that he doesn’t love me or my kids.

I know fear isn’t from you, and that it is sin, I confess this now too and ask you to remove it from me.

Lord, please touch Wayne’s heart, and bring this family back together.

Let nothing interfere with what you brought together.

Let him know I love him, and that you love him, and our children love him and need him to be a good daddy to them.

Lord, please have mercy, and heal this hurt, and bring back that sweet man that I married.

Please forgive me for when I sinned against him, and please make him a man that would love you first, and then honor his vows to me.

I want to trust him, and be a good wife to him.

Lord, I just want us to be a happy family. I know that with you first in our lives that we can be. These four children need you to make this right.

I pray for your will, it alone is perfect, and I will trust you.

My heart is yours Lord, and I love you first and foremost.

In the sweet name of Jesus, my Lord and savior, I pray these blessings will come swiftly.