Dear Ines, First thing tat I really wanted to confess is about tat messages that night I had mistakenly sent u tat in de night as I had sent it to all in de contact list n in morning when u asked who am i ? and remaining questing , tat wasn’t replied my me as I had given it to someone n tat was de one who replied all those sms ….

later on in de evening, i came to know all about when i read it i really wanted to tell u everything but that time I really didn’t have that much courage to explain u about it or reply u thought i would do it later…..

but never got a chance as exams came in between n dint wanted u to disturb u in ur studies i am Second thing I really dint create tat id on orkut , i myself got a friend request form tat id n wen u told tat ur using another id I thought u have again forgotten ur password …

when u told me to put something new in nes community that time too i told u that on ur name der r 2 ids report abuse to them but u took it lightly or dint listen to me …..n

when u saw it by urself u blamed me u can still report them abuse ……

thank you for listening