Struggles and Prayer

(Asking for and Giving Forgiveness) Dear Lord, I beg of your forgiveness we’ve both always known it would come to this I suppose.

I’ve known longer than I could ever admit to..

I’m scared of it.

I wish I could walk away and put them all back together again but I know that I cannot.

I don’t expect you to forgive me totally, because I know now before I complete this evilness that it is wrong.

I just pray that whatever justice you hand out is quick and with your divine Grace.

I forgive you, even though you never did anything wrong to me. I forgive the imagined unfairness, the fabricated favoritism and the manufactured conspiracies.

I know that it was me, Lord, It was me that allowed things to go this far.

I forgive those around me who I hurt in this quest for self worth.

I have tried several times to forgive myself but I cant.

I wake up every day and punish myself for the things that I feel I have caused to happen in my life.

The people I’ve hurt and the evil I’ve done. Id wipe away their tears, put them back together, and bring them all back home, but it is not for me to do.

Please God, give them peace for I cannot, not even in my confession and request for forgiveness.

I cry out to you a child, take me into your arms and protect me as I prepare my final act of desperation!