The God of the Universe

Help me get to know myself because I do not know myself. Explain to me why I fell in love with this man, and not with another?

Why with all the pain do I still see it as love? What’s special about this man ???

After all, all I loved about him was exactly the opposite of who he is today! And what makes my heart continue to stay there Is this obsessive that cannot be so that love looks !!!! Just cannot be !!! And the Creator of the world will erase me from the heart, who needs a man who should not be mistaken with him

Who needs a person who almost killed me because of anger Who needs it Explain to me my mind twisted with love When good to me I destroy when evil I am left to love. I’m just obsessed because there’s no real love situation Painful It cannot be It just cannot be So the Creator will pull it out of my heart now

Letter to God