in jesus holy name. AMEN.

holy father.

since you?re all knowing you probably already know what I’ve been going through.

I never had a fear of death while I was in my twenties.

Now all of a sudden I’m in my thirties and I have been this fear of death or dying.

You also know all the bad things or bad decisions I have made in my life.

I would to ask you to forgive me for those things I have done.

I just wish I had more faith too and wisdom.

Sometimes its so hard faith when i see so much bad happening around me.

I don’t understand either, why that I’m older, I have more fear and anxiety about the future? I am also asking forgiveness for being so self centered and selfish.

I want to get to know you better and learn how to be more your son.

I do understand that faith in you and your son is mankinds only hope.

I understand there is supposed to be a new heaven and new earth when everything is complete.

I just hope and pray to you that in the end I would to be able to be with you and live eternally in the new earth you create.

I know you are so wonderful that our minds cant even fathom how wonderful you really are.

I am also asking you to come into my life and heart.

I really need a miracle, God.

I need deliverance.

I know I’m saved.

Then why do I still have fear? Maybe I just need to humble myself more.

Sometimes I hate being here in this world.

I hate to go through the trials and tribulations.

But I just rememered that you know how we are by looking at our hearts. That makes me feel a little better.

Just help me God.

And I want to praise your holy name and everything you have done for me and everyone else.

I am asking for more strength when satan tries to attack me.

thank you.

in jesus holy name.