to get it off my chest

I to want to take responsibility and report my sins in the confessional.

I am not sure where to start.

It looks everybody pretty much commits all the same sins as the next person sometime in thier life, I am no exception.

I have done terrible things and still sin greatly to this day.

I want to clear myself with my God and the body of believers today.

I admit that I fall short as a person that God wants me to be-I am corrupted by the world and my selfishness.

I have trouble w/ drugs, stealing them, lying, worldly sexual living sometimes, being lazy, sometimes drinking to excess, being unwise, doing harmful things to myself and others and ??plain ol?disobeying Gods instructions he has given us to live by.

?? I have alot more sins I commit daily (my weaknesses) that I won’t be typing today but I do them…

and I ask God in Hope, Faith, and w/good intent to grow beyond my sins w/his help. God I ask Humbly that you- accept my confession to you and the fellow believers and to with your Grace , Forgive me and let the atonement of your son Jesus Christ and his Blood wash me from ALL iniquity and Uncleaness.

Thank You, Thank You too Jesus for your suffering and your sacrifice for myself and ALL who call upon you.

Please Bless us all and help to live more pure lives for you.