tom of my heart, I thank You!!

Dear Father, Words can’t express how much I “spiritually” miss You.

Physically, I see You every day… in everything that I do; that I see; that I hear.

But I miss Your Divine Presence, being under Your wings, in Your arms. THAT’S what I miss… being part of Your Whole.

You are my joy, my life, my world, my heart, my reason, my mentor and the Love of my Life.

I know now, God, that I am here for You.

This thing called Life… it’s all about You.

So I am honored to be a part of Your Creation. I’m honored that You formed me; that You love me as much as You do, and most of all, I’m truly appreciative to Your constant and daily presence in this physical life. Connecting with You God was the best thing I’ve ever done, and I don’t ever plan on letting You go.

Everyday, You will have my undivided attention…

and when I get back home, from this LONG LONG journey…

we will have a lot to talk about.


I told you.

I know what to do based upon my extensive research into fully knowing and loving my Creator.

Thank You for every single solitary thing You’ve ever done for me.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank You!!