our prayers. AMEN

Father in the Name of Jesus.

I come hmbly before you seeking forgiveness, restoration and peace.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I am ask you for FAVOR for my children, my husband my family and myself in all of the things of GOD.

Father help me to remember my trials not as a remembrance of the the valley moment but as the lessons that You wanted me to learn and as a testimony to those going through.

Keep me walking in your light and rightousness and when I fall and come short, pick me up and dust me off and remind me that you love me.

Father in the name of Jesus, cover all that I love in the Blood of Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

Use me as a vehicle to show forth your Glory.

Father in the name of Jesus cover our children, Satan is ravenshing through their minds and hearts to cause destruction, in this world, in our nations here and abroad.

Father, in the name of jesus, it seems as if here in the US we have gone back 30-50 years with racisim being at at an all time high.

our children are becoming victims, our race endagangred.

Only You know that plans you have for this world, for this Nation Father.

But I ask you in the name of Jesus to protect the African and African American race, to forgive our sins, to break the generaltional curse of our fore fathers and to restore peace among men women and children.

Raise up a leader that will fight for the people, as you raised David and Solomon, and all of the great men in the bible who kept Isreal safe at your annointing.

Father look on the hearts of the rightous, and hear our prayers.