Why me

Dear God ,why is this happening to me, I try to stay positive and try not to work with criminals and be criminals,and yet I get punished ,lied to,betrayed,robbed, and all that .

Why are you doing this to me,why if a soul have respect for everyone and anything and get punished like that,i got robbed for 3600 euros that i save for my unborn baby,and yet people betray me and took that money from me . why you don’t like me? Why im living though suffer for past 10 years,why i cannot be succesfull and happy ,why?? And nobody care ,i send a lot of letters to church for help no one eaven responded,i wanted financial support no one responded…. no one CARES!!!!

Letting go of Resentment

Have you ever felt like someone has wronged you in the past, and you just can’t seem to let go of the anger and resentment?