With all my heart and my soul

Father in name of all my family and with all respect i wish for u to take my soul when I?m ready to leave.

These past few day haven’t been easy for my because of all these nighmares i been .

My wish is for u to take these demens out of my home and away from my soul.

I beg for forgiveness and I thank you for all you gave me a good mother a father and a great family.

I confess to you god that i have not been loyal to you and I realize that you are the answer to my problems therefore I want to thank you for always been there for me and for puting people in my life that have helped me and you have also put people that have hurt me.

Like Cristian , he raped me btfrom my heart i forgive him and i wish you can to i wish he can go to heaven and be with you.

Thank you for everything god I love you with all my heart and my soul