light and the way..Love Gianna

Hello Lord..

I have been searching a lot lately for my place with you and where i fit into your Great plan, in the process I’m not sure if satan is trying to decieve me through others im just faith that you will work things out the way you want, everything works ultimately for you.

I am asking that -in the process, you will especially put a hedge of thorns around my son joseph, while im learning, discerning and being patient with the angry, hateful advesaries workers..

Also will you please help to give me the willpower to stand firm on my sobriety, and also remove the cravings for ciggaretts, and for booze and also i no longer have any use for guilesome knowledge or double minded talk or unkind judgemental words against others…

I will probably miss church due to a bad choice i made..

I just hope you will forgive me if i go tonight at six, instead and email the pastor.

Lord i am really trying to loose the unrighteous anger and also the self made monster that i glorified without realizing, I now know that you are the All powerful and i will lay my anxiieties on you and my human fears on you too. Your fruits are LOVE LONGSUFFERING JOY HOPE PATIENCE FORGIVNESS KINDNESS GENTLENESS AND PEACE…

I am trying day by day to become a better child of yours, a better vessel, a better messenger, a better GOOD NEWS giver, a better example of your truth please be patient with me..

I love you lord forver, You are the Alpha and Omega, The Truth light and the way..

Love Gianna