has reasons for everything.

Hi god its me the chozen one, i really think that you rock and your awesome and I’m so glad that you gave me this gift! i love to hang out in heven with everyone including greg and jake and all of the new angles that may someday gard me also.

everyone put up a strong fight but i know that it’s not quite over yet, i know that this may be hard to ask, but to speed things up a little bit faster with the whole phychic stuff, could you please exit my sole out of my body before I’m 28 as planed??? i know its not in nuberology but could you please try for me because i have gotten so far with the helping and the poofing.

so please could you change some stuff and please make me exit and then come back so i can have the powers that i was supposed to be given at the age of 28 and thank you for giving me such awesome kids even know there not here yet

. and a great husband and life and i couldn’t ask for a better gift that you gave me.

i love you god and always remember that i will always help you and obey you and im really sorry for my attitude and stubberness.

Thank you for the beauty that you have gaven me even thow i might not see it all the time, please god let me go early! i love you so mutch and all of my angles includeing any futre ones!!! xoxo jenny :} ps if not i understand, god always has reasons for everything.