show me your way take my fear

Lord, it’s so hard to truly follow you with my heart, maybe because of my weaknesses. 

I can not love people like you do. I was easily angered and jealous 、after baptism, I really fear to fall down again. I have a deep fear of being prosecuted and isolated because of following you.

It’s already been hard for me to live far away from home, and I have not seen my parents since 2015 . If they heard I followed you and became Christian, I can not imagine how they would act !! Because of distance, I can not even tell them about your good news , tell them you are god , you have saved me from death, how much i love you.

Dear lord, please give me some light to enlighten the darkness in my life, give me some hope.

Holy Spirit please lead me to the way which can keep me in holyness.

i want to follow you and serve your lord. Please don’t leave me alone.

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