Worried 😟

I am worried. I want to bring my parents to stay with me for some days but things are not going good . is God doesn’t want me to reunite with my parents. Somewhere my husband also doesn’t want them to come he is not saying clearly but I could feel his interest. I can’t share my worries with anyone.

my parents also don’t care about me they are also half interested. I am the only one who want everything to happen. I can’t express my thoughts also .

I don’t have enough money to process everything. I send all my money to my husband but somewhere I am feeling he is not supporting this time .

I need someone with whom I can talk I can share my feelings.

I don’t have any kids also .friends can’t be trusted .there are multiple things going on my mind and I am worried . I am a hindu I don’t know also God will listen to me or not . I need a friend, someone to listen to me .

i am not that much rich also to go a psychologist .help me help me talk to me