yes it is true

revenge quiky, wanted to get even and keep it in reserve for the day when you would do me wrong, and i did throw it at you, it backfired because I thought you would not care, instead, you tried to use it as a weapon against me , trying to turn my family and marriage counselor against me,

you were the cheater, liar, thief, this was your free token,so screw you I took it back,did not mean it I said to counselor,I was just angry at his cheating on me,it was made up.

But I want to confess it was true but so brief and meaningless, non feeling, disgusting, don’t know how I coldbloodyly could pull it off,j ust wanted a revenge,you know why, confusion, don’t do me no favors with your fake suggestions,I did not believe or trust your sincerity, so I did it ,and it made me less vulnerable cause I now had a secret weapon to throw at you one day, you bastard,I knew the day would come.

So yes it was true , I took it back but in reality it was true , I saw you wiping your tears, and I was glad , that made me hurt less, cry less from your destruction of our family,our life,made you more meaningless, sheilded me more from your insults, lies, backstabbing, stingyness.

You are crazy and one day hope to tell you to your ugly face yeah thats right I lied, it was true, fuck you.