Dumb and Hurting Mom

I have four grown children in their forties who have any contact with me and I don’t know why they are this way.

I am 67 years old, living in an assisted facility for 5 years now.

I am totally alone and spend my days praying for a phone call, a card, a visit, something.

How could this have happened to me? I also have three grandsons, all in their twenties.

Where do they think Grandma is? Please help me as I am very sad and lonely.

I have tried many times to contact them by phone, mail, and e-mails.

I have tried to keep myself aware of my health, my fears of being alone, and sometimes I am hungry, How can I fix things if I don’t know what I have done?

I love and miss all my children every moment.

Can you help me? I have let them know I have a terminal disease.

I don’t want anything but communication and now I feel after all this time it could never be the same again.

Crying Mother in Orange County.

Please, you may even know them as they too are in Orange County…they are Jim, Susan, David, John, Michael, Jason, and Mathew.

Thank you for any help you can give and of course, your prayers are most welcome and needed.