I’m sorry for my sins

It has been far too long since my last confession. The pursuit of God and the sanctity of Christ have not been in my life.

I have denied my faith and placed my trust in false teachings. I have denied his existence. I have slandered his name. I have broken promises. I have dishonored the holy days, and neglected prayer.

I have disrespected my superiors. I have abused my body, my husbands body, and the bodies of my friends. I have been prideful. I have been impatient. I have been jealous. I have been envious. I have been lazy. I have been angry.

I have committed murder in my heart. I have not been chaste in thought or word or actions. I had relations outside of marriage. I have sto from others. I have not kept all secrets or confidences. I have has sexual thoughts about persons other than my partner.

I have wished ill on others. I have not been faithful to sacramental living. I have not helped my community through the church. I have not done penance and I betrayed God’s Will for me.

I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life.

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Last Confession

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