first of all, thank u god 4 giving me everything in life. i really mean it 4m the core of my heart.

I really love u. in spite of having every thin i m not happy I guess it’s only bcoz of the wrong tins i have done.

I think i have never taken life seriously. i had only wished 4 be my ppl happy n me too..

dere was many times when i felt that u don’t love me or hear me or may b abt ur existence.

I m sorry. I have hurt many ppl, my parents, n Sanket. my sorry will b very small 4 its. I confess to my wrongdoing..

plz god help me i was made to do those things which i don’t want to .. m just not that happy.. but wud b happy if u forgive me

. plz always b with me. I believe u n love u. truly.. plz god, reply me………..