forbidden love

I have been deeply in love with the same man for 42 years.

Unfortunately, it is not my husband.

I have 4 children, 2 of which are my lovers.

My husband does not know this, believing all 4 are his.

My children do not know this either.

Having this man in my life has helped me survive some very difficult times.

I care for and about my husband and would never leave him. At one time, we were separated for 13 years, but age and circumstances have brought us back together under one roof.

I will always care for him, but I will go to my grave loving another. We spend time together about once a month, and that is my salvation and joy.

He, too is married.

It is sad that sometimes we meet our soul mate yet cannot be together all the time.

But I accept what I can and cannot have and at this time in my life, it makes me content.