Forgive me Lord.

Dear God, i know im a adulterer and a sinner. Im so sorry lord for all my sins. Im sorry lord for my ways that i am strong and boastful, full of pride and dont listen to others.

Lord I’m sorry if they are saying that i changed to a bad person. Im sorry lord. Sorry God.

Many issues coming due to my house building. But many doesn’t know my stress that money isnt easy to build a new home for my mom and family.


Hope my sister donna wu could realized all the things shes doing. From her heart and words. She always talked hurtful ways to me. She always make me feel ashame infront of many people. Lord, i lift everything to you God .

Pls help me to finish my house pls help me that i could finished it with furnished without seeking help from my family. Lord forgive me for my wrong ways. For my evilness as what my sister stating i am. Sorry lord if im too high to see myself this way. I dont know where their words come from and observations. But pls be with me lord God. Protect me pls.

In Jesus name Amen.

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