Letter to God for asking good life

Dear God, sorry if I’m too harsh but I feel u just punished me for living..

All dreams are far away and shattering..

Everything was lost..

Those who are sinners enjoying their life and here I n my family can’t even smile..

Why did do this to us..???

I did everything but still nowhere..

I woke up with tears and stay heavy hearted, lost my happiness, love n passion and inspiration..

I donnow but I feel I’m finished..

U took so many things in a jiffy but to regain taking a long life..

I don’t have anyone to stay by my side share my pains

My life is a joke to you..

I’m not able to become my best version and u don’t even listen to me..

I am done this time..

Don’t even want to tell you what I feel inside..

I feel like I list everything and our life is destroyed..

I am dome with my family members and their daiky chaos and problems..