God i need your favours

Dear God,
i exalt you as my only strength, my hope and my trust, I come before you to relinquish all my burdens, my mouth can not say it all but my mind communicates clearly.

pLord, i feel alone, defeated, defenceless,i dont know who to rely on,i dont know who to cry to or share my deepest worries of this life.You created me in your image and likeness,you decided for me to be born in a family,in this county and in a specific time Lord am yours.

Lord,i get frustrated and at times ,i feel my emtions get the best of me. When i see and feel like you hardly hear me,its as if ,am just a physical being ,out here fighting for myself with no backing!Lord,if i have wronged,to my brothers and sister and to you,forgive me. I call you to please show me clearly your desire for me in this life.I am no longer younger.

My time is fleeing,and i need love,to find my husband who will love me,who knows my love language,my complete half,my happiness,my desire,a provider and a wealthy man,inelligent and God fearing,healthy and billiant as the morning sun,a charmer and a faithful man full of love and confidence.

please create my path to meet my husband dear lord.i have indeed waited for for you and i pray that you may make it happen this year. as amos made a covenat with you,i delare that when,i meet my husband,i shall say this testimony,on my wedding day,)Lord,i pray for my career. i have been feeling lost ,purposeless and lack of direction in my current job.the management seems shakey,no one cares about the other, there is no team love, feeling that i do not belong at all. I want to feel connected to my job,i want to feel happy and grow,Lord i pray that you may design my path in career and in this job.

Lord,my manger is not a good man,he gossips,he lies,he poses a different personna which makes me question his ability as a boss. and to make the matter even ,more confusing the management has his backing,I if this is not my stage of growth,i pray that you open a door for me .

I am grateful for the opportunity you laid in front of me, to be in this career,i have grown,i have gone to school,still studying,i am abitious of a greater growth and i am truly grateful for this blessing of eductaion (bless it forever),i have met leader that i wouldnt have dreamt of knowing,i have travelled ,i who has zero qualifications, I have eatten with the great people in wealth and in mind.

I am grategul for this.

Lord,make it happen to me that my cup shall never run dry,that i will be surrounded with brillant ,minds,fun,energetic and foreign people from other counties,people who have a culture of wealth and opulence. that i will grow even better than Regine,my former colleague ,that she prayed to you and you changed her life, to a big boss,Aba father,i ask for my blessings to meet me this year,that i too will smile and laugh when they ask,and tell me that am blessed, Bless my career path ,bless my finances ,that they may grow in 10 folds,bless my beauty that i may be as beautiful as the morning lilly,and as charming as the first rays of the sun on the skin.

let,me be your favourite and i will forver and ever worship you all my days

.Lord,i pray for my mom ,that you may bless her,bless her for me dear lord,bless her health.

Lord she has no one but me and my sister,bless her oooh lord to open her thoughts to open a business venture that is luctitive,i will bless her as you have blessed me,with finances to support her new business,give her Joy and may wipe her tears from her eyes,bless her with a husband as well,someone who will take care of her,someone who will provide for her and make her happy,please dear lord meet her and bless her for me.
lord,i also pray for my sister shiru,that you may be with her,her health and her life, lord open a Devine door for her,that she may grow, that she may meet her husband as well and that she may get her job,she has a wonderful personality and i pray blessing for her all the days of her life.

Thank you for hearing, me was feeling overwhelmed and i thank you,blieving that you have listened to me and you will answer me dear father,