Great, another new addiction

Yeah that’s right, I have picked up a new addiction.

I finally got off drugs, alcohol, women, and tobacco, only to pick up p as a new problem.

I watch p only about twice a week and practice sinful things..

I don’t like it but my damn duality takes over, what I mean is can go to church one minute, the next do the big sin and then volunteer or something like that.

That’s what I call duality.

I picked up this habit about a year ago off and on, but now it is a routine.

I need to stop, I know this isn’t God’s plan for me.

But he sure is slow on meeting my unmet needs.

I think that’s why I do what I do. I have given up on God.

And in some areas of my life I feel he just isn’t interested. Who knows…

God are you listening.

I want to change but I want you to be interested too.

God bless and forgive me and help all those WHO feel like I do.