The world and the sins of man..

I ask God for strength against thy enemy of love and life..

for the children of men, for the Widow to have the wings of strength.

I ask him, for wisdom to stand above the tides of cruelty and injustice fornicated by men…

I ask God to help those unloved to receive his mercy, for all the loneliness to be touched by His Will..

this is the Infinite God and Holy Spirit..

Blessings to the orphans of men..

the abandoned, the desoliate, the children in prison who are not truly men..

for they have become victims of the persecution of richness of men…

I ask the Spirit of Life to bring forth his mercy and strength on this hee Friday night before the moon grows full in his autumn so rare..

the October Moon for his rising up is the wish I ask..

mercy for the world and the sins of man..