Family and Financial problems

Dear God, I have to thank you to you cause even though we are suffering a lot right now, we do have hope to regain our strength and also find people who are with us and help us in this situation.

You know I love my family and they are my strength and not my weakness. But these days I seen fear in my parent’s eyes, which I really don’t know how to express my emotion when I see. I know, lot of people are suffering and we are nothing when compare to them. Still..

I feel helpless.

Cause I can’t do anything even I want to. guess what I’m 22 years old and soon 23. nothing changed still studying. Somehow you gave me hope for 7 days. I have no idea why it keeps saying to myself and I believe it. you help us a lot and I’m aware of it. y dad worked so hard on things.

He didn’t do anything to hurt others well, I can’t say that. He gives back what he get. if that person is good, then he is also good to him and if the person is bad then he too is the same. I mean bad.

But still, he still looks for the a hope if he changes or not. I’m writing this letter to make myself better from all these tensions. I really want to cry, but I can’t. I have to be strong no matter what.

I’m sorry, God.

I keep saying about myself and keep using “I”.

Actually, this letter is for us and not just me.