help me please

Abba Father,
I don’t know what happened to me as a child. Why am I so afraid to speak up for myself? I don’t trust that anyone would want to help me, believing the fear over the blessings. Why do I get so scared to talk to those whom I think have control over me?
Please help me to not be so scared and be able to speak with confidence, I know you have given me all the gifts but I don’t know when to use them as needed. Being all alone is not helpful either.

Thank you for taking Hank out of the picture. Keep him safe but not near me ever again.

Abba I know I don’t do anything right all the time. Please forgive me. Somehow, can you show me how to be more confident in you and in myself.

I know Yeshua died for me and I wish I had more trust in you in Him.
Please hear this prayer and please show me how to be better for you and hopefully help me in my needs. I am not being foolish in those needs. I’m scared.
In Yeshua’s Holy Name.

Did this happen to you too?

In Jesusโ€™ name, I Pray. Amen

Do your will today and always