How To Deal With Perfectionism?

I am?! Perfectionist ?! What does this mean, and how does it relate to anger, forgiveness, and compassion?

Perfectionism is being and doing the best in everything you do without mistakes. Sometimes it is good, helpful, and promoting, and sometimes also annoying, disappointing, and inhibiting. So what do we do, what does it have to do with mission, and how can perfectionism be turned into a balanced force in our lives so that we become less angry, know how to let go of the small details and live in perfection even with imperfect things?

The opposite of perfectionism

The opposite of perfectionism is not to compromise on mediocrity but on compassion and self-forgiveness. You could be in something incomplete and be good with it. Be aware of accepting and improving a small thing.

Give up the perfect for the traffic, and do not be frustrated. To live with something that is not perfect and it is okay to live with something that is not perfect and to be whole with it.

How do we know when the limit is to release and stop focusing on the small details- is this GOOD ENOUGH?

  1. Check out the stressors around me:
  2. Why do I still feel it is not enough? Is it because of me or because of the environment?
  3. Are there any distractions?
  4. Is it perfectionism, or is there another reason behind it?
  5. To know that the time has come to release the small details, ask yourself:
  6. Is there anything else right to do that will significantly advance?
  7. Did I achieve the goals for which I performed the task?
  8. Distinguish between main and treat

We changed a sentence that allows us to release the following details: