I really messed up

I am just going to list off my sins, I usually try to work on them but I choose to do some really bad stuff lately.

My worst sins are that I have entertained evil thoughts until I acted upon them.

I recently rejected God and disobeyed by watching various horrible porn and physically releasing,…

God I am so sorry….. that is biggest of my sins, I am at times critical, judgemental, gossipy, angry, resentful.

I also swear, and infrequently infrequently take Gods name in vain. I often have semi impure thoughts and comments.

I think that is the bulk of my stupid sins.

I ask God to forgive me of these and all forgotten sins I might have missed. I pray to be covered in the Blood of Christ and made clean.

I pray Today God will place a pure heart in me, clean my hands and give my a willing mind.

Thank you God for the Atonement and all you do, and your unfailing mercy. I the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.