God, I repent of my sins, transgressions yes, and I repent of them.

My choices throughout my life, have caused suffering.

I do choose but in a mindless way, I have memory impairment, and errors in making decisions .

losing almost all my belongings, and failure to do things.

I ask for mercy, I know I made choices but truly there is a impairment in my brain, that causes decisions making errors. And sometimes I lie, to get myself out of things, or to cover up what I’ve screwed up.

I’m needing god, right now because there’s no one else, only looking up at the sky hoping that god is there, and he will have mercy.

The world does not have mercy, they say – you have made a choice, and you will suffer consequences, no forgiveness or mercy.

Writings this, I’m seeking god, through suffering, to hear him or know him, even though can’t see him.

Please have mercy, I’m in repentance of my sins, and have made choices that I need you to help, i don’t have anything to pay your for mercy, but i ask sincerely. Thank you, God, bless all your people.