being there when I need you.

I work so hard Lord why can we build the Montgomery Church of Christ.

Have I done something wrong.

I want to see this Church built before I leave this earth and seem that everything is going wrong.

My husband has sacrific for many years for mission works and have nothing to show for it.

Can you bless us to see this Church build.

We are faithful and I have been in the Church for 38 years and my husband Mack Dillingham have given his entire life to the Church.

I feel that if anyone will go Heaven is Mack ??Lord?? he has given his all and nothing to show but his dedication to you.

Is it wrong for me as a wife to want somethings in this life, Church, a car, and money so that we can have something to fall back on, maybe I am asking for to much.

I work hard at the school as Secretary here in Montgomery, AL and the mission church is on 2319 Congressman W. L. Dickinson Dr. I need your help Lord please here my prayers.

I love you dearly and committed to your work.

Please send a blessing to the Church and 2915 Ravenwood Drive where my husband and I live. If I am wrong please forgive me but you told me Lord to ask and seek and we shall find.

So I Cassandra Dillingham is asking you to bless me and my family and by all mean The Montgomery Church of Christ in Montgomery, AL 36109 I end this letter God and I want to thank you for all the blessing you have given in my lifetime.

I beg you please let us receive funds for Montgomery Church of Christ.

Your in Christ Cassandra Dillingham Preacher Wife P. S. I will never forsake you and I know that want.

Thanks for being there when I need you.