for your son who died for me..

You know my trials and tribulations right now.

I ask your forgivenss for those that I have hurt so terribly.

I ask for your forgiveness in not being a good enough mom, wife, and friend.

Please God forgive me for my affair 24 years ago.

Forgive me for not believeing you will handle all of this if only I would let you..

Lord step into my life take this burden from me, give me the strength and the courage to move on from this divorce, show me the way you want me to go…

Help me to keep my son, if it is your well. I want to thank you for being my Dad, you love me unconditionally un all others.

Please come into mylife and make it yours and may your will be done. Please forgive my sins of lying, coveting what others have.

Please help me find a good home church….

A home, someone in time that will love me just for who I am.

And turn me into the good mother you want me to be….. Thank you for your son who died for me..